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Friday, July 29, 2011

Light Fixture Update

The evolution of the eat-in kitchen light fixture.  This isn't a how-to since I didn't document as we changed up the feel in our most-used room.  But it's still an upgrade I wanted to share. 

We started with the old school, gold trim with textured glass light fixture; ancient and not our style.  I wanted it down so badly, I forgot to take a before picture.  So in a lame, I'm-too-lazy-to-put-back-up-for-a-stinkin'-picture, I held it up and snapped this quick shot.

I had found that white light bowl just lying around the house when we were moving in, so I replaced the clear textured glass with it.  It was a temporary fix until we found the perfect fixture.

Now the search...  Ikea.com is a dangerous place to browse as it will turn into hours of "must have"-ing and shopping-list-creating.

That's when I found this:
KNAPPA Pendant lamp, white Diameter: 18 " Height: 14 ¼ " Cord length: 15 ' 5 "  Diameter: 46 cm Height: 36 cm Cord length: 4.7 m
It's their KNAPPA Pendant Lamp and it was perfect for our fun eat-in-area.  I figure we're young enough that we can still toy around with things a little less than grown up, but still stylish and modern.

So here's a quick Waaaay Before:

And then a Right Before:

...and a Now:

I wasn't sure the hubs was going to be "in" on the whole flower looking light fixutre, but he actually really likes it for the space.  Score!... because I love it.

We plan on getting a smaller square table for this area since this one's just a wee-bit too big.  Don't fret, we're moving the big boy into the formal dining room once we get the smaller set.  Mismatched chairs and oversized tables are not my idea of dream kitchen area, so eventually this will be done.  Eventually, as in, when we're done with other more important upgrades, some travel plans and saving more moola.


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