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Monday, July 11, 2011

Let There Be Light

The master bedroom has been pretty sad with two mini touch lamps gracing our night stands.  Definitely not book-reading-in-the-bed material.  I've been searching for a pair of lamps for a few weeks now and have FINALLY hit the jackpot.

Not much to look at at first.  I paid $2 each for them at a yard sale out in Amelia.  My thoughts... white, lovely white would perfect.

I set them up on the deck and got the Krylon Spray Paint in Gloss White.  I decided not to use my primer thinking it wouldn't be too tough to coat the lamps.  Bad idea.  It took about 5 coats, almost my whole can of paint.  *Word to the wise, prime if you've got it.

 I had already bought two white Ikea Lamp Shades wishing hoping to find some lamps I could revamp.  So after painting, all I had to do was add those and voila!

I love how tall they are since our headboard is so short. I will probably add fabric to the shades to spice them up a bit. Or maybe even stencil them. Either way, I'm sure they won't stay like this for long. 

$2 for each lamp, $10 for each shade, and $4 for the can of spray paint = $14 each lamp.

Yard sales can be pretty hit and miss.  More times than less, I don't find anything at all.  But if you're passing one, just stop by.  You never know what you'll find!


  1. They're beautimous! Love them!

  2. I love finding great things like this at yard sales! Almost my entire house has been decorated by hand me downs, fixer upper projects and finds at yard sales and the flea market...and you would never know it!

    (P.S., this is Kristin Denny...they wouldn't let me sign into my Google Account to post this lol)

  3. Wonderful job! Next yard sale day i am Def in, after we un-clutter the house and figure out what we need.


  4. Awesome! I love it :)

  5. Great find! Agreed about the primer thing--I will only use Rustoleum 2X now because it has the primer somehow in it already. Makes life so much easier! :)


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