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Some facts about us: Together since May 2004, Matt & Kristin Married in May 2009. Between the two of us, we've lived in California, Hawaii, Guam, Japan and met here, in good ol' Virginia. We adopted two mini schnauzers, Hemingway & Mya aka The Pups. We bought our first home in May of 2011 and are ridiculously excited for all the DIY projects ahead of us.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Fireplace Post?

Yes another one.  But it's worth sharing, I promise. 

Happy Friday by the way!  Don't you love summer?  Love it because you want to, and most of the time get to be outside and enjoy the lovely weather (when it's not scorching in the 100's).  Not to mention seeing all the new flowers come out and surprise new home owners.  I'll have to post about them later.

Anyhoo - back to the fireplace!  We were so happy that the new digs had one and we can't wait to put it to good use in the winter months.  My few, but loved, readers that continue coming back week to week have seen some pictures of it in previous posts.  Check 'em out here and here

Here's our before shot of the fireplace in the family room.

Yikes.  First we had to remove the old wire you can see to the left and right of the fireplace opening... 

...which left us with this hot mess (pun absolutely intended).  I guess it's normal for a 20 year old fireplace that has had some good lovin' over the years.  A little messy though, if you're trying to use it in the summer to house some perty candles and not just a nice coat of soot.

Grab a can of High-Heat spray paint!  Yeah yeah, spray paint again.  You know how much I loves it.  Haven't read about my obsession yet?  Check it out here and here.

 Matt went after it and in no time it was looking so fresh and so clean clean.  Is it still lame to quote Outkast? *Shrugs shoulders.  Whatevs.

This isn't the end of said fireplace.  Eventually, we'd like to reface the marble and also redo the accessories a bit.  Perhaps add a sunburst mirror that's all the rave these days...? 

Yes please....

It's a never ending process I tell ya'.

P.S. The front porch is getting revamped as we speak and hopefully I'll be posting about it next week sometime.


  1. Great idea on spray painting the inside, it gives it such a clean look! A must for us soon! Thanks.

  2. We did the exact same thing with our fireplace! Haha. Except my hubby ended up having to cover it up with a sheet of plastic and tuck under it to paint because the paint splashing back onto our flor tiles. uh oh! Glad yours turned out so nice!


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