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Monday, June 20, 2011

With enough spray paint, I could rule the world.

Seriously.  Spray paint makes my world go 'round. 

I got this Lenox ring holder from my good friend Tasha for my bridal shower.  It's super tarnished, which only shows you that I use it often (thanks Tash!).  I could have polished it, but I decided to go with some good ol' fashion spray paint.

I am NO expert, since I just started using the magic product, but I could offer some tips.

1. Shake shake shake.  Seriously, shake the crapola out of it.  Before AND during.
2. Spray onto a piece of cardboard before your item to be sure it's coming out thick.
3. Do NOT take off the little white tip that's on the spray cap.  Not that you would, but I did.  I thought it was like the little round tips that come on your ball point pens that you have to remove before using.  I was WRONG.  Matt laughed.  I did NOT (well not at first).  I was doing my first spray painting project and couldn't figure out why it was spraying every where and dripping big globs every few sprays.  I had a huge mess. 
4. After your done using, turn the can upside down and spray until it comes out clear.  This will ensure there aren't any clogs.

First I used some primer, although you don't have to if you have the Krylon Fusion spray paint that I first introduced to you in my Traveling Treasures Mason Jar post.  You can check that out here.  But I had already used it before realizing it was an extra step I could've skipped.  Then I went over it with the KF spray. 

Here is the finished product.

I also found this great piece at a thrift score.  I snatched it up at $5.  It'll be a perfect jewelry bowl for the bathroom.  I always have a pile of jewelry next to the sink and have been looking for something to help alleviate the mess.  It was perfect.

 But unfortunately, after washing it, it was really discolored around the rim.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but it was very yellowed.

I hit it up with my trusty spray and it was good as new.

Have you used spray paint to freshen anything up lately?  If not, I urge you to try it out! 


  1. Well have to change the term Handyman to Handywoman!!

  2. Love what you did. I love spray paint, it's amazing how it can change something ugly to amazing. Love the blog and everything you create.



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