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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Black Door is Like the Little Black Dress

Every girl must have one.

When we moved in, we painted the downstairs and upstairs hallway light blue. To be more accurate, I picked the color and Matt and some helpers painted it.  We were planning on painting the door black or white to match it better since it was this red when we moved in.

But the blue just wasn't right. We wanted to have a nice cozy feeling when you walk in, with a modern touch. Matt suggested we paint it. Again. We = he, and he was more than happy to do it.  Apparently, he didn't like it much either...  The blue was officially a color failure.

So we switched it up!  Sherwin Williams Favorite Tan in Eg-shell for the walls and black satin all surface enamel for the door.

Swoon. I lovess it. I didn't know how much I disliked the blue, until I saw this when I came home from work. It's a trillion times better. Yup, a trillion. We still have lots to do: chair rail, molding, frame collage, paint the hardware for the doors (yucky gold right now) and pick an accent color. But for now, these colors are making me giddy. 

Especially the black door.  If you haven't noticed, lately everyone has been adding one black door in their house.  It's an immediate upgrade.  Here's a little advice I read recently:  No matter what color pallette your going for in a room, don't ever leave out black. Whether it's a picture frame, a small table or a vase, throw something black into your room.  It's sleek and it will bring out the rest of the colors in your room.  It definitely did that to the walls in the hallway.

Here's the nook next to the front door (across the hall is the formal living room) before the paint change. PS the onesie is NOT ours, it's a gift for a friend. Don't get any bright ideas. :)

Here it is now:

Not complete by any means, we kinda just through some things in there to see what would fit/look good. I'll post the finished nook when we have a more polished feel to it. Also, the console was a great find I'll get into later. It fits perfectly!  Literally not even a half an inch of space to spare.

So that's it. The front door, entryway and hall color change. It stinks that we had to change the paint only 7 weeks after it was originally completed, but now we're really happy with the color. It also helps that Matt is a trooper and wants the house to be as cozy as I do.

Have you had to repaint anything lately? 
Did this post make you want to break out the little black dress for a night on the town?


  1. omg! this looks great. i had no idea you were going to do this, i thought i liked the blue but i loveee the gold, very cozy =) nicely done kris


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