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Some facts about us: Together since May 2004, Matt & Kristin Married in May 2009. Between the two of us, we've lived in California, Hawaii, Guam, Japan and met here, in good ol' Virginia. We adopted two mini schnauzers, Hemingway & Mya aka The Pups. We bought our first home in May of 2011 and are ridiculously excited for all the DIY projects ahead of us.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grow Baby Grow

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We got a bit rained out, so our kids-to-candy-ratio was definitely on the candies side this year.  Which means we have way too many treats around our house at this moment.

Tomorrow is our official 6-months-in-the-new-house anniversary and  I'm finally ready to unveil the before and after on the new house color AND the grass.  This is in no means a how-to on painting OR grass growing.  Neither of which I had any part of this time.  Well, besides picking the paint color and painting a half a panel on the back side of the house.  That was my "I want to try!" moment with the paint sprayer.  :)  You gotta at least try, right?

If you recall, we picked Pale Honey from Behr.  Check out that post here if you missed it. 

First up is a picture of the first time Matt cut the grass back in May. 
And now the new do...  You can also see the new tree and the freshly painted walkway.

Here are a few more waaaay before pics to get us started on the house reveal.
First up is a picture from before we even purchased the house.  The bank posted this when they first put it up for sale.

The below shot is from when we first moved in, before any real updates.  Well, besides the-house-has-a-new-owner-update.

And the after. 
New grass, japanese maple, house color, door color, and porch colors.

There's still more to do, as always, but we're taking it slowly and loving most minutes of it.  Can't say every, because c'mon we're only human.  There's the good, the bad and the ugly in beautifying the nest.
Hemi seems to like the smell of the new grass and presents his very own "gifts" as an offering to the seedlings.  Yeah, we're now trying to stray him away from the front yard.  Matt is the new grass nazi as he gently instructed the trick-or-treaters to please go through the driveway.  I can't blame him though.... It's a good lookin' yard, love!  ;)


  1. It looks kindof orange-y and seasonal for fall! <3

  2. Just came over from YHL for a peek - looove what you've done with your house! It looks so good! Huge improvement for an adorable house, and the grass is so green :)


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